Tuesday, 10 March 2009

final youtube version

Final Sequence

yo. here it is. you dun no.



costume style

The hard man style, accurately portrayed in our crime caper, imitates other well known hustler movies, in this example we see tree characters from the film RocknRolla. Smartly dressed in their everyday lifestyle yet when it comes to the jobs. on goes the jumper, hats and gloves look. Many examples of our style of costumes are identified within most Guy Ritchie films


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

feedback on final rough cut

after viewing our rough cut in front of the class we have decided some essential elements of our sequence which must be changed. people could understand our genre but the shots were confusing and out of place. speech during filming was unnecessary and it will be edited out. the shots need to be replaced and put in an order which does not confuse viewers, or else our sequence will not deliver the desired effect. titles and production companies need to be edited in to our sequence, as well as production and distribution companies. a voiceover will be made to help the audience understand our shots as during a shot a smaller flashback shot is used to tell the story. our characters need to be introduced using a freeze frame and a lot of running is used in our clips to show panic, fear and adrenaline. the class decided that there was a bit too much, so this will be edited out. thank you to the class for the feedback we hope we can deliver a sequence which yoiu will enjoy.

damien on behalf of group q2 45


Rough Cut Final

we own you!

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Anamatic Feedback

after class discussions, we found out our shots need 2 show more representative detail as to highlight our genre. the music soundtrack will be edited to acccomadate a good opening.

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